Committed to Success. 

What we do...

Univest is a privately held investment firm specializing in the real estate. Founded in 1990, Univest is committed to a countercyclical investment approach in innovative and sound investments where each constituent of the process realizes their goals and objectives. Our business plan is to invest in assets that generate a premium risk adjustment return, with long term investment horizon in mind.  While we do sell investments when appropriate, we believe our emphasis on long term ownership results in a more disciplined, detailed, and focused approach towards building quality assets. We are proud of our reputation as an innovative firm with the expertise, resources, and integrity to grow our assets.  We are diligent in our commitment to being upfront and frank with those we interact with about timeframes, issues, and opportunities related to the investments we undertake.  We believe that setting honest, realistic expectations and then exceeding those expectations is the most satisfying of outcomes for the participants involved in our endeavors.