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Expertise in commercial, residential, and distressed properties.


Univest is a real estate development firm specializing in the development and ownership of office, retail, industrial, and more recently, government properties. Founded in 1991 to serve clients whose facilities needs were not being met by traditional development methods, Univest is committed to delivering innovative and sound development solutions to ensure each client realizes its corporate real estate objectives. Univest principals have developed several million square feet of properties for investment grade companies literally from coast to coast. We possess the development, financial, and project management expertise to deliver projects that meet each client’s long-term facilities needs and to structure lease agreements to achieve their financial goals regardless of size or location. Each property is developed for inclusion into our real estate investment portfolio.  Therefore, Univest has a vested interest in the long-term success of each project.  Our client-driven development services are predicated on delivering facilities that reflect each client’s operational and financial requirements while enhancing the quality of our portfolio. We are proud of our reputation as an innovative, client-driven develop­ment firm with the expertise, resources, and integrity to complete pro­jects to our client’s complete satisfaction.  We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your real estate needs and customize a development program to meet your requirements.



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At Univest, we are primarily focused on residential development and construction where we conceive, develop, market and build new homes under the Estancia Homes and Estancia Communities brands.  The scale of our communities also provides mixed uses opportunities.  Our mission is to serve the needs of our customers by accommodating the way they want to live.  In this regard, we emphasize quality, livability, and long-term satisfaction with our product and service.  This special combination improves the homebuyer experience and positions Univest in a niche above and apart from other builders today.

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Community Development

At Univest, our Community Development Group is involved in the design, development, and construction of new neighborhoods and large scale master planned communities including Rancho Viejo® in Santa Fe, New Mexico and StoneRidge, in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

Distressed Asset

Univest also invests in distressed assets, both commercial and residential REO as well as real estate notes.  We focus on generating capital appreciation by acquiring, improving, repositioning, and selling distressed real estate and loans in the West / Southwestern US.  Our investment strategy focuses on creating value through management, repositioning, capital restructuring, and development rather than relying solely on appreciation generated through market improvements.  Univest strategically targets bank portfolios, FDIC offerings, and identifying individual asset opportunities before they are widely available to the market.